Isolated Solar Photovoltaic Kit 700W 12V 780Wh

Kit Solar 500W

Maximum Available Instant Power: 700W (1000VA)

Energy captured in one day: 780Wh

Consumptions that this Solar Kit can cover
 1X 80W TV 6 hours a day

8X 11W bulbs for 5h / day

Components of the Isolated Solar Photovoltaic Kit

Solar Panel 165W 12V Volts Red Solar brand: Red Solar brand Solar Panel, with 25 years warranty, made of monocrystalline silicon offers great reliability in our photovoltaic system. This solar panel is capable of supplying around 350W a day in winter to our solar installation and practically double that in the summer. It is the largest solar panel in the 12V range, with a size of approximately 148cm high x 68cm wide. It incorporates a junction box on the back of the solar panel and as standard, it has 90 cm of cable with MC4 connectors incorporated in the ends of the cables.

Inverter Charger + Charge Controller ATERSA QUADRO 700W 12V: The ATERSA QUADRO inverter charger offers a very useful solution for isolated photovoltaic systems, since it allows integrating all the components of the system in the same device, which It also incorporates an LCD screen that will allow you to see the state of charge of the batteries, the voltage of the batteries, the charging amps in real time of the solar panels, the output amps of the batteries in real time, in addition to having a small drawing on the same screen that will allow you to see how the energy is coming out, whether directly from the batteries or if by default it drains from a backup generator that we may have in the solar installation. The inverter is a pure wave sine wave, the battery charger has a maximum charge of 20A in addition to having a 50A Charge Regulator. The investor’s warranty is 2 years.

UPower AGM 250Ah Battery:

The UPower 250Ah AGM battery in C100 has a 2-year warranty, special for solar energy, which means that they withstand slow but deep discharges every day very well. They have an average life of about 700 cycles, a cycle being understood as a process of full charge and discharge of the battery. It is highly recommended that the battery does not routinely discharge more than 30% of its full capacity. This will prolong the life of the battery and we will have to change them later. To connect the 12V battery correctly, connect the positive of it with the positive of the inverter and the negative with its negative of the inverter as well, as we will attach in the installation manual.

Electrical accessories solar kit

Attached to the specified material, we attach the electrical elements and accessories to be able to assemble correctly. Specifically, 10 meters of 6mm cable, 10 meters of 10mm cable and 2 meters of 50mm cable are attached, Weidmuller connectors, to be able to connect the cables of the solar panels to the rest of the cable in order to carry it to the Charge regulator. Washer terminals to connect the cable to the batteries, battery terminals, to be able to connect the batteries to each other, in case the batteries are stationary, the interconnection cables between the different accumulators and between the different cables will also be attached that connect to the battery. In the case of carrying the kit more than one panel, a power distributor will be included with its watertight box to be able to join the positives and the negatives in a single cable, which will be the one that we must connect with the charge regulator. All the electrical elements necessary to carry out the installation will be attached